About us

You have the privilege of working with a team of:  qualified teachers - native speakers - writers - fellow students. 

Teacher Qualifications:  English: MEd (Master of Education),  BA (Bachelor of Arts)      Deutsch:  Staatsexamen / Lehramt / Diplom  etc.



We believe, spending time with lyrics and inspirational writing is a wonderful way to improve one's language and writing skills ... learning more about life at the same time.  Our goal is to communicate effectively and to continually develop new ways of meaningful human exchange and learning.  



"If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."     C.S. Lewis

There once was a man, who came into our world to teach a certain way ...  so that everyone who would listen can 'have life abundant...life to the fullest...a life that is   l i f e   indeed'!   

Not only did he teach a new way, he said: " I  a m  t h e  way..."   He must have been someone very special to make such a claim with any kind of authority.   As believers, we have experienced that discovering and learning, step by step, how to live this abundant life - the way it was intended by our Creator -  is the best journey we could ever be on.  

Much has been written about this man... 

...but no matter what,  we will not really know what (t)his life holds in store for us, unless we take him at his word.   Just try it  ... you will never regret it!

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