Lyrics and Text Discussions   

the language of lyrics / poetry and inspirational texts is a language world of its own... discover this exciting world!    ... if you like, you can practice your own language and writing skills as well.

Language Training

sometimes it's good to... get a personal trainer to achieve your best results...

Goal: improving your skills


train / practice...  

via the internet: by email and chat;  conversation;  question & answer sessions;  dialog;  correction* of:  spelling, grammer, tense, preposition, word order, word selection, word missing, punctuation;    proper application of:  phrasing, usage, idioms, etc. discussing selected lyrics and inspirational / motivational texts;  use of existing lyrics and texts, posted on this site;   use of one's own lyrics and texts. 


also possible:

speech/pronunciation correction and text correction* 

creating original writing   e.g. lyrics... poetry... prose... creative writing... etc. 

classroom meetings, applying new ways of learning.  individual lessons.  one-on-one learning and consulting.

email-pen-pal program

attending cultural and educational events.  R & R.


Levels:  Intermediate and Advanced.  Conversational English.  Business English.


Improve your language skills in a new way...any time, any day!

I wish I could communicate and practice with a native speaker.  You can!

I wish I could communicate and practice with fellow students. You can!

I wish I could get my mistakes corrected right away*. You can! 

I wish I could do this whenever i have time.  You can!

on-line learning …even for early birds and night-owls.   ; )


*NWL-Instant-Correction   - only while studying / practicing with a Teacher / Native Speaker , upon prior appointment.